Project about different beauty

“Stories of Hidden Beauty” is a research of a different beauty, which gives an opportunity to people with various disabilities to feel their uniqueness.

This project tells about self-belief and love for yourself, regardless of age, or appearance, or health condition.

Its name — Stories of Hidden Beauty — has a reason. These photos are to draw attention to our heroes’ fates (

Their stories inspire us to do something wonderful and significant.

The casting was announced in December 2017 and 18 heroes were chosen. A series of photo shoots was carried out in January and took a month to complete. Opera and Ballet Theatre of Yekaterinburg was a ground for the project. An individual image was designed for every hero, following the traditions of magazine shoots. Costume designer and make up artist of the project — Tatyiana Vorontsova.

We live in the time of media pressure, which thrusts the pictures of superficial well-being on us.  These inflicted standards and beauty canons make people live in a permanent self-criticism.

Though beauty is a very contradictory notion. You can’t drive yourself to the requirements of the mainstream vision of beauty, or it will end up being a blind alley. We have a choice either to see our uniqueness or to deny our identity, following the wrong track of other people’s biases.

Project instagram (photo&stories): @osobennaya_krasota

Photo&style: Yulia Otroschenko
Costume designer and make up artist: Tatiana Vorontsova
Location: Opera and Ballet Theatre